Every 21st century business interested in long term survival and sustainability must embrace good corporate governance practices. Inculcating good corporate governance in the business operations of a company has the following benefits:

  • Risk management and cost reduction
  • Increased profitability
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Improved investor confidence
  • Stakeholder assurance

Alphalex Consulting has an expert team of corporate governance and regulatory compliance members of the Nigerian Society for Corporate Governance and ICSAN certified chartered secretaries and administrators. Our team has in-depth knowledge of corporate governance developments both locally and internationally. We combine the process and system of benchmarking knowledge and experience with organisational knowledge. We understand that corporate governance and regulatory compliance for corporate entities is oftentimes complex and multifaceted. We also understand the value of corporate governance to the sustainable development of any organisation. Our approach is to reduce the burden of our clients by structuring a simplified framework for corporate governance, compliance and the detection and management of risks. We do the thinking for our clients and liaise with regulatory authorities to simplify compliance and stay ahead of regulatory regimes. We conduct expert board evaluation and corporate governance evaluation and reporting for organisations, especially publicly listed companies. We also consult on and undertake data governance and protection as well as Sustainability Reporting for organisations.

Our Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance team also trains members of the Board and management of corporations on corporate governance best practices.

For more information on how we can assist your business navigate the legal, corporate governance and regulatory compliance maze of the Nigerian economy, kindly get in touch with us.